Director and Founder, Jenny Osborne
is a certified New York State English Teacher with extensive teaching, educational consulting and management experience. She has a B.A. from New York University in Creative Writing and a Masters in Education: Social Studies from Brooklyn College.

Jenny's educational work experience also includes the writing and implementing of the Learn & Serve America Grant and the New York State Council on the Arts: Empire State Grant for Metropolitan Corporate Academy in Brooklyn. At MCA, on top of being a full time English and Social Studies teacher, her duties included being the Project Arts Liaison, the director of the MCA Litmag and Poetry Slam, and a member of the leadership team.

Awards she has received include the Founders Day Award for Highest Scholastic Preferment and the David A. Bickimer Arts in Education Memorial Award for Promoting Student Poetry.

Cofounder, Marcus Osborne
was an ECE (Exceptional Child Education) teacher for the Jefferson County Public School system, and is now full time owner, instructor and trainer at The Academy. His Masters degree in Education is from Spalding University. His undergraduate degree is from the University of East Anglia in the U. K. There, he majored in film studies with a minor in Italian language.

Marcus switched careers when the Osbornes moved to Louisville from New York City in 2003. In New York Marcus was a free lance production coordinator on films, commercials and television shows. His most rewarding work experiences in this field were the educational series he did for PBS and Hallmark Entertainment so his change of profession to teaching has proved to be a natural fit. Marcus also spent time teaching TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in Grenada, Spain.

Marcus and Jenny Osborne
married in New York City. They have two lovely daughters, Ruby and Roxy. Marcus grew up in London and spent his summers in Paris and Burgundy with his grandparents. He is fluent in both English and French, and is proficient in Spanish and Italian. Marcus' outside interests include soccer, film and architecture. His father was a renowned architect with projects accomplished throughout the world.

Jenny Osborne grew up in Louisville, Kentucky in Crescent Hill, and came back after fourteen years in New York City so she and Marcus could raise their children in a more family-friendly environment. Jenny spends most of her free time with her family, but also loves design, the arts, reading, writing and film. She is the director of The Academy and devoting time to a business she is so passionate about comes easily.

Our Tutors
We choose teachers from all walks of life with not only teaching backgrounds but with unique perspectives and skill sets to ensure we get the most innovative and supportive tutor for your child's specific needs.