The Academy Day Program for Middle or High

6:1 Student / Teacher Ratio

22 - 24 students total + New Intensive Group
Spacing is Limited / Call Immediately to Reserve a Spot

Monday - Thursday Schedule
City as School: Field Trip Every Wednesday
(Including Physical Activities)
Comprehensive Curricula
English, Math, Science, History, Financial Literacy, Debate, Creative Writing, Art, Spanish, Test Prep, EQ

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Executive Funtioning Laced Throughout All We Do:
EQ is now considered an essential component of progressive educational experiences and is considered more important to succes than even IQ.  Executive Functioning is key to success as well.  We model all needed organizational protocols and study steps until we see this crucial sequencing is second nature to the child. 

Intimate Instruction, Cooperative and Experiential Learning, Socialization Opportunities, Organizational, Study and Test-Taking Skills Laced Throughout.

Wednesday Field Trips around 10:30 - 2 (or varied times depending on activity

Individualized Instruction: If your child needs more attention or excels in a certain subject area we take the time to create an individualized instruction plan to meet his or her needs. We integrate our understanding of specialized teaching strategies and modern approaches; such as Interactive Metronome, Mind Mapping and Bornstein's Mnemonic Memory Tricks.

Lead Instructor, Marcus Osborne                                                                                 
Owner, Tutor and Trainer at The Academy, LLC
Certified Exceptional Child Education Teacher

The Academy's Manager & High School Director, Katie Stout

Marcus and Katie are our most sought after instructors - they each are the type of teacher a parent wishes for every year. The Academy Day gives your family the opportunity to have the assurance of an exceptional educator for your child throughout the middle school years with the option to continue in to high school.Marcus and Katie not only have the gift of understanding how each child sees but both carry a true passion for all the subjects they teach, as well as a deep commitment to each student that passes through our doors.

In addition, Marcus  has a vast array of experiences to bring to this intimate classroom setting. Marcus grew up in London, England and is fluent in French because his mother's side of the family is from the region of Burgundy. His father was a renowned architect, with projects throughout the world. Marcus has traveled extensively and even taught English in Grenada, Spain. In New York, Marcus worked on film and television series, most notably PBS educational specials. Now, he and wife, Jenny Osborne own and run The Academy and have two girls of their own. It is also comforting to know both love their careers and it manifests in the kind of innovative and individualized services offered at what they consider to be their third child, The Academy Tutoring Center.

Katie's background is in both psychology and education -- both her parents are retired teachers so Katie has been around this field all her life -- her psychology background helps tremendously with our program for learning differences and the social work aspect inherent in teaching.  She is family to us and we are thrilled our students get to have someone with the kind of care and intelligence only Katie gives each day without waiver.

Jenny Osborne
Owner, Manager The Academy, LLC
Certified Teacher of English; Emotional Intelligence Pioneer, Extensive Experience in Service Learning, Arts in Education and Financial Literacy

Jenny Osborne teaches an Emotional Intelligence class to all the students once a week and one of the English classes.  Even though her main responsibilities lie in directing The Academy, she started to teach again so she can have more direct experience to continue to come up with innovative educational solutions.

Marcus and Jenny Osborne have been married since the mid 90s. They both share a profound passion for education and the different learning styles of children. They are committed to the belief every child can flourish when given the opportunity to challenge their minds through experiential learning and adequate preparation for the world that lies ahead. This includes thorough preparation for the realities of standardized testing, but without the sacrifice of the development of a true love of learning and the nurturing of natural curiosities.

Your child will be given a progress report at the six week mark and a report card every 12 weeks. You are welcome to schedule conferences at any point throughout the year. It must be noted because of the class size we gain an unique and intimate relationship with each family and communication truly goes on weekly whether it be by phone, email or when picking up or dropping off your child.

$11,500 per year  (price different for Intensive)

Please take note: This tuition fee is not offered any where at this low student: teacher ratio.
Of teachers surveyed, the number one priority for them for best learning is small class size.
Please compare to other private schools in the city.
Field Trips will be an extra expense - we try to keep these outings at around $10 per trip or less but sometimes they are more.
We like to take advantage of the low class size to include as many hands-on experiences as possible.