Advocate Program for Learning Differences

                    Every child learns when the blame is taken off him or her and the educators apply their craft with fortitude, optimism and the humility to try a new approach when needed. Owner, Jenny Osborne



After we meet, review any diagnostic testing, and have an hour initial intake with your chld to help determine needs, we further this process by identifying skills from our ACADEMIC, EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING, SOCIALIZATION (EQ), ADAPTIVE, MOTOR, SENSORY PROCESSING, and if applicable, WORK READINESS lists to further determine what your child needs to address with us.  

Then, we set up an ACTION PLAN that will highlight 3 - 5 skills from lists to address each week.  As your child masters a skill we wil move another skill on to the list, spiraling back to key ones to ensure sustained mastery.  We will communicate these highlighted lists to all parties involved in your child's life so we can all be on the same page and supply him or her with the consistent and repetitive redirction so important for success.  

Your child will come to our facility 4 - 5 days a week for an hour to addres these needed skill hurdles in intensive one on one sessions overseen by owner, Jenny Osborne.  We can do this after school or contact your school to set up a plan where he or she comes to us during the school day or we send someone to the school.


One on One Intensives:   Children with learning differences do not land at a certain spot on the bell curve for all their academic needs.  We challenge your child when needed and regress when appropriate.  We marry diagnostic testing and our own observations to plan a sophisticated scope and sequence for each unique situation.

Homework Hall:   Created to provide daily academic and organizational support for a very reasonable price; allowing us to teach the student to use consistent protocols, proactive strategies and study steps to integrate over time and use for life. Teachers provide clarification for homework questions, quality checks and comprehension checks for quizzes and tests.

Day Program for Middle and High School   Unprecedented 6:1 Student to Teacher Ratio!  FULL SUBJECT, TAILORED CURRICULA INFUSED WITH EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING, EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING AND EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE with rotating weekly creative writing roundtable, debate and financial literarcy. MONDAYS - THURSDAYS SCHEDULE --WEDNESDAY FIELD TRIPS EVERY WEEK with City as School Program


Abridged Program that includes one on one tutoring to support a school program from home or on eschool.  The child still uses our facility and is around other students but one on one is central component for learning and group time is for independent work with a teacher for guidance.

Summer Boost Program

Interactive Metronome©:  An innovative brain training program to target the root of struggles to make gains in all areas

and / or

One on One three times a week targeting essential areas for success using mini-mock semesters to review needed skills and preview the next year

Consulting:   We know this process, not only as educators, but as parents of two children with learning differences.  We will help you sift through information, plan timing of services (including resources outside of us), advocate at schools, as well as help remind you that along with these differences come gifts unique to your child; gifts that can be honed and channeled for great successes in life.

Owners and Founders:   Jenny and Marcus Osborne are trained and passionate educators with over two decades of teaching experience between them.  Their own parental knowledge related to the complex world of learning differences, combined with their work in this sensitive field, make them uniquely versed and committed to addressing the numerous variables related to forging true and sustained success for each child that comes to The Academy Tutoring and Day Program.