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What is Homework Hall?
Homework Hall is a modern facility equipped with tutors, school/art supplies and plenty of workspace for your child to come and complete their daily and long-term homework assignments with strict organizational protocols, study steps for each kind of assignment that comes up regularly, spot quality checks on all work and a proven system to study ahead for assessments.  We work a lot on executive functioning skills because many times when homework is an issue it has to do with not knowing the sequencing involved in not only getting work done with quality but getting needed supplies home and keeping records of requirements -- these strategies need to be given by external forces and it takes time to break down old avoidance techniques and build up better strategies, but we are here for students as the consistent and objective force that helps them truly integrate these needed skills for life success in addition to educational achievement. 

Homework Hall allows multiple hours at our facility each week for $175 a week.  You can sign your child up to be a member of Homework Hall and they will be able to use our facility Mondays -Thursdays 3:00 - 8:00 and Fridays 3:00 - 6:00 to do their homework and implement proactive work for more success and efficiency of time. The average student / teacher ratio is 8:1. Many times this ratio will be even less because students will attend at varying times.

Where are you located?
We are located at 125 Wiltshire Avenue 40207 in St. Matthews, a short walk from Trinity.
What age child may participate in Homework Hall?
Children entering 4th - 12th  grades. Some parents may worry their 16 year-old won't want to be in a class with a fourth grader but we would like to emphasize the students will be doing independent work with guidance from the tutors. At no time will the students be addressed as a class and socializing is not a part of the program.  And in fact, we keep the younger students separate from the older students to avoid cramping anyone's style.

What if my child only really needs help in one subject?
We have ONE-SUBJECT Homework Hall for those children that need us only for one subject (usually math!) but need consistent and daily help in that subject -- this is only $80 for the whole week.  Or, of course we have one on one tutoring -- on the day our one on one students come for their session we allow them to stay in Homework Hall no extra charge to finish all their work for that day so they can go home after tutoring and enjoy some family time.

Will this service keep me informed about my child's schoolwork?
Absolutely. We keep in close contact with all parties related to your child's educational success via email communication.  Also, we send outslips home if student has to leave before work is completed or has forgotten needed materials. If we see your child is not keeping up a high caliber of work we will contact you immediately.  We also send a weekly update of grades from their online homework system and a short review of their week -- in addition we contact teachers regularly for any information relevant for success.

Are the tutors qualified to assist my child?
As teachers ourselves we know instruction is only as good as the instructor, so we made a commitment to have the best educators Louisville has to offer. We also know the only way to get the most experienced and successful teachers is to pay them the rate they deserve so we do so gladly. Also, when we choose our tutors we look for enthusiasm, instinct, and creativity on top of their proven records. It is important your child be instructed by people who have a "gift" for teaching  With this said, a proclivity for teaching can come in all forms and we do not deny people an opportunity for a job with us if they are not certified -- in our experience we would lose some of our best people.  Everyone has experienced that 25-year veteran teacher that has no business in the classroom and blames the child instead of themselves at every turn -- we keep our opportunities open when we hire by finding teachers from various backgrounds.

What supplies will you have for my child to use?
Wireless internet access, printers, and fundamental art and school supplies. Of course, for some projects your child will need supplies we don't have on hand so we will send a list home for these instances.  Also we require them to bring their own laptop or pad for their personal use.  We prefer laptops over tablets but of course they can use the device they have currently.

How much does a membership for my child cost?  What are the rules for leaving the serivce?
Homework Hall membership costs $175 per week. This is a flat rate and we do not prorate if child is absent. We do not charge for Winter and Spring Breaks.  If there is a short week, you still pay for the week and we use those extra funds for the many supplies we use during the school year.

We ask for a two-week notice if stopping the service so we can have time to fill the spot.   If we have decided together one on one is a better fit there is no notice needed for this transition.

My child has activities they do after school. Can he / she still be a member?
Yes. We set the times so on the days students have other activities they can still come to complete their homework after they have finished their extended school day. Again, students are not required to come every day or stay all the hours. They may use our facilities, tutors and supplies as needed. For those who need to wait for a pick-up but have finished their homework, we have a comfortable reading area in our break room.

Will my child be safe with you?
As teachers and parents, we take our responsibility to your family very seriously. We will take every precaution to ensure your child's safety. They will not be able to leave unless you have given them permission - either for that day or a blanket permission slip for the older students.  However, it is possible for a student to slip out without us knowing so speak to your child beforehand about expectations and rules.

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