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Students that come to us for one on one may stay in our service HOMEWORK HALL for no extra charge that day so they can get all their homework done before going home - it's free; please take advantage!

Maybe your child needs to gain the benefit of a steady educator in their lives that can help them with whatever needs that may come up each week and finally be the teacher they can ask all questions needed. This teacher would also be able to keep a close eye on his or her overall development and handling of the varied needs of school.  Maybe your child simply needs a session to brush up on a specific skill, or a few sessions to help in a difficult subject or study for an upcoming assessment. Maybe instead of Homework Hall you would like your child to come in once or twice a week for one-on-one tutoring to help with their school work, study for tests and stay ahead.

Whatever the reason, we have invested and intelligent tutors to match to your child's needs. $80 per hour; or $40 for 30 minutes for younger children   Our tutors can vacillate between subjects so whatever takes precedence that day can be addressed.  We are always keeping our eyes on the grades too -- that is the reality so we gladly add or switch around tutoring times to hit right before a quiz or test -- you should see our results because of this flexibility.

READING:   Once we pinpoint the areas of your child's reading that need strengthening, we integrate varied modern approaches with the much respected and traditional program, Reading Milestones, The Reading Lesson and Nanci Bell's Seeing Stars Method. If a student struggles with reading, he or she needs to be shown strategies in varied ways until the "light goes on." For example, retention can be a common issue so we attach a memorable story to many of the tricks associated with word families, chunking, decoding etc. We believe tutoring can be both fun and effective for the student. We also send home very light review material that will not seem like extra homework but will get in the repetition that is so crucial to turning corners in reading and we will also help you build a word wall at home with sight words -- we give you the materials and directions and have a system to make this as painless as possible.

MATH:   This linear subject brings a lot of students through our doors and we know what they need and how to streamline math for the best success.  Our tutors are highly versed in all levels of math and most importantly understand that part of their job is to alleviate any fears that are so often associated with this subject. And -- the good news is -- we see the fastest turn around in this subject.  Students many times simply need the intimacy of a nonjudgemental teacher to review past concepts and to preview what is coming up -- we also create sample quizzes and tests to help students overcome the anxieties and concept confusion that can happen on these assessments.

PROJECTS / PAPERS / QUIZZES / TESTS:   Homework Hall may not be a good fit for your family so here is an opportunity to still get the benefit of tutoring in a more concentrated manner. This time is spent assisting your child on specific projects, tests, or writing pieces. It may be a one time only service to polish a writing piece or study for a test, or a series of sessions to develop a portfolio piece or complete a long-term project.

SCHOOL WITH US, HOMESCHOOL -- MIDDLE AND HIGH DAY PROGRAMS:   Call to discuss our homeschool / day school options and take a look at our Day Program page. We have small group instruction with weekly field trips and careful assessment and records of tailored instruction, or, we have one-on-one tutoring to help you supplement your curricula from home. 
WEEKEND REVIEW:  In the elementary years of school it is vital students retain and fully develop the fundamental skills needed to build more complex learning. We offer a unique service where we communicate each week with teachers about the core concepts covered during the prior school week and spend an hour during the weekend reviewing these concepts with various hands-on activities, mnemonics and other modern approaches. It is different from our other service Homework Hall because it is a full hour of one-on-one instruction that specifically addresses the last week's learning to prepare for the week ahead. Today, with class sizes so big, teachers are unable to spend the quality time they would like with each student. This is an opportunity to do so on a consistent basis.

SUMMER - KEEPING THE BRAIN TRAINED WITH NO PAIN:   We are open every week in the summer and gladly work around vacations and other summer activities with flexible scheduling.  We make our appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays but have times for one on one only other days.  Summer can be for skill building, previewing upcoming concepts, enrichment, test prep or a combination of all.  Families have the option to have their child stay after -- no extra charge -- to complete practice work created by their tutor with us, or we can send it home, or like my children we can just do the hour for peace of mind that your child is not going to lose knowledge over the summer and even gain some as well as raise confidence on major concepts for the next school year.  Some students do like to be at our facililty and stay to do their summer reading requirements-- we encourage and love it!

SUMMER - MINI SEMESTERS:   You pick the subjects and we review and preview the next year's concepts with study skills laced throughout for a successful upcoming school year!

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