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We offer one on one for test prep and we prep for all standardized tests including the ACT, SAT, PSAT, PLAN and High School Entrance Exams.

Your child will start one on one sessions with our teachers at least once a week and then stay up to another hour after their one on one for no extra charge so your child can stay and practice sections they just prepped for (in addition we assign the sections they excel in so they keep loose there and maybe grab some more points) -- applying the strategies, tricks and concepts taught during the session is just as important as acquiring those skills from the instructor -- this allows us to keep a very close record of each child's progress in their scoring and tells us where we need to spend most of our time -- it also cuts down on the time the teacher is sitting in the session waiting for the student to finish problems -- they apply their knowledge in test-like conditions in the hour after the previous session and we use that good work for the next session.

We do not force a certain number of sessions -- it is true these tests are like a game and the more you play, the better you get, but we can determine together how much your child needs:

Their goals and school choice do play a part in this decision and how much money you should put in to this stage of their academic career.  Of course the ACT or SAT will help open up choices for your child but schools also look at your child more holistically than they used to so we will keep all this in mind when planning how many hours to do for test prep.  To some degree this is a family culture issue and we are happy to accommodate the individual desires of each family.

We charge $80 per hour for our test prep but also offer unlimited practice time and materials at our facility for no extra charge -- strategies, strategies, strategies, practice, practice, practice!  Many times students schedule one day a week with us on top of their one on one hours just to practice -- it is no extra charge so I encourage them to take advantage!  And, like with all of our services, you will get a weekly email giving you an update on the content and progress of your child's sessions with us.

Contact me with questions; any time -- Owner, Marcus Osborne

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